Somersaults Ingredients

Sunflower seeds, the #1 ingredient in Somersaults, are a unique nutritionally dense superfood, packed with protein, fiber, vitamin E, and healthy fats. We take pride in offering delicious snack that deliver well-balanced nutrition. Snack on!

Those beautiful, sunny yellow flowers lining the perfect road trip route through North Dakota are the source of our scrumptious sunflower seeds. The stripped husk found in the center of the flower is toasted and dehulled to remove the sunflower kernel.

Expeller Pressed High Oleic Sunflower Oil

Expeller pressed oils are much healthier than solvent extracted oils since no harmful chemicals are used. The seed is physically (or mechanically) crushed, then the oil is separated out. High oleic sunflower oil is one of the most natural and healthy oils that can be used in the baking process. It has the highest monounsaturated oleic acid content (80%) of any commercially available cooking/salad oil, including olive oil!

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are harvested from the flower of the sesame plant. Grown on small family farms in India, these tiny seeds add an excellent nutty flavor to recipes and are one of the healthiest oils that you can consume.

Sea Salt

Baked in the sun, sea salt rises when the salt water beneath it evaporates. The slurry of salt and clay is scrapped from the ground and rinsed with pure seawater, then lightly baked to release the dried salts.

Whole Wheat Flour

From sea to shining sea, we capture the whole grains of sun kissed wheat to provide a nutritious alternative to refined white flour and a naturally good source of calcium, iron, fiber and minerals.


Highly prized among ancient nations this exotic spice is obtained from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree, native to South East Asia. Its flavor comes from an aromatic essential oil, baked into our Cinnamon Crunch it balances out the sweet nutty flavor.


To make molasses, the cane of a sugar plant is harvested and stripped of its leaves. Its juice is extracted usually by crushing or mashing and then boiled to a concentrate to promote crystallization. Originally imported into the US to make rum, now molasses is generally used to enhance the flavor of spices.

Cocoa Powder

Derived from the cocoa plant, cocoa powder helps maintain a diet rich in antioxidants and gives an intense, delectable flavor to our Dutch Cocoa without being overly sweet or adding too much fat.

Chicory Root Fiber

Just like the fiber found in leeks, artichokes, and asparagus; chicory root provides an excellent source of fiber as inulin, the energy storage vessel typically found in roots.

Vital Wheat Gluten

This ingredient is a protein derived from wheat and used frequently in baking. It helps our bakers insure that our product is the perfect blend of nutty, chewy and crunchy for your delight!

Ground Pepper

Ground pepper adds just the right amount of zing and zest to our Salty Pepper snack. Ground fresh into every batch, the subtly spicy heat comes from the outer parts of the fruit and seeds.


Vanilla is a flavoring that comes from orchids of the genus Vanilla native to Mexico. The word, vanilla, derives from the Spanish word “vainilla” meaning little pod. Great for baking in our Dutch Cocoa, vanilla is also used in perfume and aromatherapy!


Garlic has been used throughout history for both medicinal and culinary purposes. Coming from the onion family, the bulb made up of numerous cloves is the most commonly used part of the plant.


This version of a chili pepper packs a punch with its small 1–3″ size. Prized for its warm sensation when eating, just a touch makes for a recipe delight!